SpamPort: Incoming spam filtering

Port: Also called port of entry. Any place where persons and merchandise are allowed to pass, by water or land, into and out of a country and where customs officers are stationed to inspect or appraise imported goods.

SpamPort is designed to be placed in between the outside world and your mailserver. Our filtering techniques ("custom officers") will inspect every incoming mail and decide if it is allowed to pass, or not.

Cloud Hosted

Don't worry about software updates, virus scanner updates, back-ups, network downtime... We will host your mail filtering in our private cloud and take care of everything.

Save time

You and your employees will save time (and thus money) because your inbox contains zero unwanted mails.

Stay safe

Viruses and trojans will not reach your inbox, phishing URL's are recognized and marked 'suspicious' in your mails.


Automate your antispam-sales using our API. Automaticly add domains to SpamPort and protect your clients against spam, phishing and viruses.


Our system keeps a copy of your e-mails of the last 14 days. Ever missed one? Just release it from SpamPort and you'll receive a copy within seconds.


SpamPort is compatible with every SMTP compatible mailserver, like Gmail, Exchange, Zimbra, Lotus, and Exim.

Advanced reporting

SpamPort offers a complete tool to view all incoming (rejected AND accepted) mails. It's possible to see why mails are rejected. You can send a daily report with an overview of all blocked mails that can be released with just one click.

Added redundancy

If your mailserver is down, your e-mails will stay in our delivery queue until your mailserver is up again. Our filter-servers are located in 2 separate networks, which means a network disruption on our first location will not influence your mail delivery.

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